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Hi, I'm Victoria. 

Here at FemmeHead I believe in the power of knowledge, in the beautiful, magical, "holy crap" power of body literacy. 

Because learning about and understanding what is happening in our bodies is magical thing. Girl, it's positively life changing.

You become happier, healthier and have the confidence to say, "This is my body. I know what it likes, needs and what's good for it." You quit fighting your body, and start working with it.


There's a little something for everyone. 

I offer courses!

I create YouTube videos each week to break down taboo topics as well as other topics Iā€™m interested in. I also have a second channel for more behind the scenes, day to day vlogs.

I am also available for public speaking, interviews, collaboration, testing of menstrual products, workshops and almost anything cycle related. 

Intersted? Email me - victoria@femmehead.com


Here's the thing, 

I feel that I've learned more in the years after college than while in it. And I give credit to my insatiable curiosity that has really flourished and developed since my time in school. 

People always ask me how I got into menstrual education. And like most things in my life it was through a personal discovery. I was suffering from loads of negative emotional and physical side effects from being on the pill without even knowing it. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. 

But then I finally did. It clicked and all started making sense. 

The more I read, the more I discovered, the more I wanted to share it with every man, woman and child I could get my hands on. [Not really, but you get the point]

I started self-educating on every aspect of the female cycle. I took a Natural Family Planning course, and decided there needed to be more Fertility Awareness Method classes available to women. I traveled to England in 2014 to get certified to facilitate Celebration Day for Girls so I could bring it back to the states. I started a YouTube channel in 2015 to start sharing my knowledge, and it's taken off. 

Women and girls were fascinated with the information, giddy that someone was finally talking about these taboo topics. And that brings us to today, to this website and to my mission of empowering women and girls through connecting them to their menstrual cycles. 

Welcome! And thanks for coming on this little journey with me. 


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