Young girls are hungry for all the information, and they deserve the best possible introduction into "womanhood" that we can give them. Understandably, some mothers are a little overwhelmed and unsure how to approach talking to them about it.  

That's where I come in! 

Celebration Day for Girls is a day long workshop created by Jane Bennett for girls and their mothers. It's been flourishing for over 12 years in Australia and I flew all the way to England to been trained so I could bring it here to the states. 

It's an exciting day filled with energetic discussion, activities, and stories about women that are all surrounded around the main goal to rewrite the script surrounding menstruation in order to show that it is something worth celebrating and embracing instead of something to hide and be ashamed of.

Leading up to the workshop, I hold a 2-hour sessions for the mothers, where we go through everything that will happen during the day, what to bring, and how mothers will be involved. 

Cost for the workshop is $120. This fee includes both the mother and daughter. 

The mother/daughter duos who have gone through this workshop love it. Girls are excited to start their period, they're prepared. And so are the mothers. Relationships between the two are strengthened, which is so crucial for the period of life the girls are headed in to. 

I'm located in Iowa, and for the time being I am only able to offer it to girls in Iowa, and possibly the surrounding states. What works best is to get a group of 6-15 girls together from the same city or school to do the Celebration Day for Girls workshop together. 

Fill out the form below. Let me know where you are located in Iowa, if you have just your daughter or a group of girls interested, and anything else you want me to know. And I'll be sure to get back to you very soon. 

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