Welcome Beautiful! Are you ready for the next step with me? I know I am thrilled to work with you. Space is limited for upcoming courses, so grab your spot and choose your path below!

3-Months of coaching for "Building a Better Relationship With Your Cycle"

1 Skype call x 3 months


  We'll work through how your cycle is affecting your life, what issues you are having with it, and  go through exercises and assignments to resolve your negative relationship so you can be left healthy, happy, skipping down the road arm in arm with your cycle. The time of hating your cycle is over!

4-Months of coaching to "Learn How Chart Your Cycle"

1 Skype call x 4 months


We'll take you through a menstrual cycle boot camp where you'll learn all the various elements of your cycle, the phases, the three fertility signs, how to chart them, the four FAM rules, and how to put it all together for magical harmony with your body and your cycle. This will include discussion, worksheets, videos to get you headed in the right direction.

6-Months of coaching for "Coming Off of Hormonal Birth Control"

1 Skype call x 6 months


Welcome to the motherload. In this coaching session we'll discuss where you are in life, why you're coming off of HBC, what to expect and steps you need to take to ensure your most beautiful future. On top of all of that we'll be combining the best bits from the other two 1-on-1 courses so you can take back the control. 


One 1-on-1 Session

1 hour Skype Call and follow up. 


You may not need a 3 to 6 month coaching session, but you want some 1-on-1 attention. This session will be about whatever it is that you need it to be about.