Chart Your Cycle

$75 -  Four Lessons

Hormonal birth control just isn't doing it for you. You want to learn more about your body and your cycle. Come on a little, life changing adventure with me. Learn that there's so much more to your menstrual cycle than the few days of blood every month. Learn about the different fertility signs, how to keep track of them, the four FAM rules, and how to put this all together to create a beautiful, delicious menstrual experience. Get more in touch with your body than you ever thought possible in your 6th grade health class. This course now includes over 40 practice charts to go along with the lessons, making your learning experience even more seamless! You will get a weekly lesson via email, which will take you through all the juicy goodness I told you about above. 

Registration for May 15th session is OPEN!

Once registered you will receive a confirmation email from “GumRoad”. Once the course starts if the lesson emails don’t pop up in your email don't forget to check you spam/junk folder because sometimes the email fairies don't know we're friends yet!

2019 Chart Your Cycle sessions:


January 30th (closed)

March 6th (closed)

April 10th (closed)

May 15th

June 19th

July 24th

August 28th

October 2nd

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December 11th